Self Taught

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”  – Henri Cartier-Bresson

As a child, growing up in Oklahoma, I was always encouraged by my Grandmother,  my parents, teachers, and friends to cultivate my love and abilities in all things artistic and creative.  Creativity and drive for learning more about art started when I was in third grade and my art teacher inspired me by simply drawing random but realistic portraits of people and monsters he made up.  His use of shade, texture, and color expanded my imagination to new levels.  I realized the best way for me to learn art is by watching other artists who are better than I was at the time.  After years of developing my skills as an artist, learning about color, shape, light, it was a very natural thing for me to pick up a camera and apply my raw artistic knowledge through technology.  Obsession began.

My Workflow

All these specialties mean one thing.  I can photograph just about anything.

I specialize in multiple photographic genres and techniques which include Commercial photography, Auto and Moto photography, Photoshop and Lightroom, Lifestyle photography, Fashion and Modeling photography, Portraiture, Painting with Light, Family and Couples, Brenizer Method.

I shoot photos which are intended to be printed and are optimized for it.

My Promise

It’s strange referring to my art as a “product” or my friends as “clients”.

Leaving out all the boring technical jargon and refraining from sleep inducing explanations of how I get the results I do, my wonderful clients get a product I stand by.

Charlie Rosenthal

Charlie Rosenthal

“Photography calls many but chooses few”

I started my career as a fashion and lifestyle photographer. Before picking photography as a career I had many other ‘jobs’ to grow my skills as a professional. Discovering the eventual correlation between people, art, and technology, I began to develop a passionate and committed response to the calling of photography and what is accomplished when a photo touches someone in a way nothing else can. I enjoy lifestyle and fashion photography as well as commercial photography. I am the feature photographer for Oklahoma Magazine.